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We envision a toll free 800 phone number in which anyone in the body can call from anywhere in the world and get connected with other believers in The Way, and those who are hurting and in need can find someone to aid them through their challenges and struggles they encounter in life.

The Mission of

Our mission is to network believers to believers for help and fellowship, believers to ministries for offering services and advice, ministries to ministries for collaboration and working together, and to ensure persons in the world see the light of יהוה and His Messiah יהושע shine through His people through their labors of love, bringing esteem to and setting apart His great, mighty, and wondrous Name - יהוה!!!!!!!

We do not want to micro-manage other ministries; we just want to get people and other ministries with similar goals connected to them and facilitate the birth of new ministries when we cannot find one already functioning that is ran by Torah observant believers in the Messiah who use the Hebrew Names of the Father and Son.

Who We Are

Ephesians 4:16
from whom the entire body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the working by which each part does its' share, causes growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.

For us to grow... we must be connected!

Colossians 2:2
in order that their hearts might be encouraged, being knit together in love, and to all riches of the entire confirmation of understanding, to a true knowledge of the secret of Elohiym, and of the Father, and of the Anointed,

We are knit together in love.

Colossians 2:19
and not holding fast to the Head, from whom all the Body - nourished and knit together by joints and ligaments - grows with the growth of Elohiym. is a joints and ligaments ministry. This is an effort by brothers and sisters worldwide that are just reading the Scriptures (Bible) and trying to live out our calling from our Creator. We are not an official organization, but we do try to be organized. We do not have 501(c)(3) status, but nothing we do is or ever will be for sale. We are just believers in The Way (Isaiah 35:8, John 14:6, Acts 24:14) seeking to Serve our Creator.

Governance, Funding, & Method of Communication

We hope in the future that part of the governance structure will include Elders (men age 50+) to advise if needed, but right now the Elders in the network are not involved in day-to-day direction for whatever reason (maybe they're busy? not sure). All of is ran completely by volunteers, but at some point we might consider hiring people in certain support roles if necessary. We are funded internally through the blessings of יהוה and most of us work normal jobs like Sha'ul (Paul) made tents (1 Corinthians 9:11-18). This is mostly a phone-based ministry and email is not the preferred method of communication for most people in this ministry.

Quality of References & Services

All persons that are part of have attended at least 1 or more group phone conferences lasting 1-2.5 hours and 1 one-on-one phone interview lasting 45-90 minutes. We try our best to help ensure the quality of references and services provided are good and that we understand well what each person has to offer to the body of Messiah so we know who the best person is to contact for whatever reason. We are not just collecting names and numbers, we're trying to build relationships with each person!

Data Collection Policy

We do not collect middle or last names of anyone and we do not collect exact physical addresses either. The only physical location information we collect from each person we interview for is the city nearby. Through telephone conversations, believers can connect and meet up as they feel led to do so. Many of us have met in person during the Feast times and have strong, lasting, heart-felt relationships.

Are We Close To You?

Wondering where we are located? Look at the red pushpins on the map below. We're not isolated to a single location. We are looking for people from all over the world to network with in our effort to help the Body of Messiah function better by connecting with believers from all over the face of the land. Contact us and get networked with other believers!

Let's fill up the globe with red pushpins! Represent your geographical area so that when someone comes here looking for believers, they can find you! Get involved with today!

Offer Your Services!

Brothers and sisters! Let's serve one another! Let's serve those who are in need! Let's Serve יהוה (YHWH)! Please contact us if you can help us! We need YOUR help! There are many, many, needs but far too few people currently involved! We are helping brothers and sisters connect from across the world to work together in the following ministries:

  1. Anti-Abortion Ministry - This ministry is devoted to fighting against the murder of innocent babies still in their mother's womb. It's a sad thing that being inside mommy is one of the most dangerous places to be. Let's fight to end this wicked practice! This ministry also helps to provide mothers with alternatives to abortion. There are parents willing to take in a mother's child and care for the child until the mother is able to on her own. If you are a mother who wants to give your child to a family that will care for him or her until you are able, give us a call! Likewise, if you are a family willing to take in a child in order to help save his or her life, give us a call! Volunteers are needed to help run this ministry!
  2. Fatherless Ministry - This ministry is devoted to meeting the needs of the fatherless, orphans, foster children, and single mothers with children. Help is also provided for believers seeking to adopt children. Are you a single mother that needs help? Are you without a father and need some guidance and help? Do you want to take in foster children or devote time to help the fatherless? Give us a call!
  3. Widows Ministry - This ministry is devoted to meeting the needs of Widows. If you are a widow needing help in any way or want to help widows in any way, give us a call!
  4. Sick, Elderly, & Terminally Ill Ministry - This ministry is devoted to meeting the needs of the sick, elderly, & terminally ill. All too often the elderly are sent off to nursing homes and forgotten. This should not be! Let's change the way we treat people and show them love! If you want to help or if someone you know is sick, elderly, or terminally ill and needs attention, please give us a call!
  5. Basic Needs Ministry - This ministry is devoted to providing food, drink, clothing, and shelter to those who are in need. Shelter may be in the form of a homeless shelter but also possibly individual shelter offered from a family who has extra room in their home. If you can help run a homeless shelter, provide shelter, food, drink, or clothing, or if you need any of those, please give us a call!
  6. Alms Fund Ministry - This ministry is devoted to providing financial assistance to help the poor. Please call if you need help!
  7. Prison Ministry - This ministry is devoted to the needs of prisoners. Help comes in the form of writing to individuals, sending out newsletters, providing resources they need but do not have access to, visiting them, and more. Do not forget those who are in prison! They have hardly any contact with the outside world and are usually in great need of fellowship in any form possible. This ministry also helps prisoners who are released through halfway houses. If you can devote time to writing articles of encouragement, writing individual prisoners, or visiting prisons to minister to their needs, or if you know a prisoner in need, give us a call!
  8. Addictions Recovery Ministry - This ministry is devoted to helping individuals recover from various kinds of addictions. Please contact us for details if you are addicted to something or want to help others who have addictions to recover.
  9. Urban Youth Protection & Murder Prevention Ministry - This ministry is devoted to helping urban youth and other persons who are in dangerous situations. If you are in danger and the law enforcement in your area is unable to meet your needs or requests, please give us a call!
  10. Great Commission Ministry - This ministry is devoted to fulfilling the Great Commission given in Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, and Luke 24:46-47 to go therefore and proclaim the Good News, repentance and forgiveness of sins in the Name of יהושע, to all the nations; teaching them to obey all that יהושע commanded. This ministry also helps people who need to be immersed get connected with someone close to them who can immerse them in the Name of יהושע HaMashiach (the Anointed). This ministry also helps new believers with fellowship and accountability by doing daily gatherings (some online and possibly in person). In addition, this ministry helps to answer questions regarding Isaiah 53 controversies and New Testament controversies as well. Do you need to be immersed? Can you make yourself available to immerse others? Do you need fellowship? Have a question about Isaiah 53? Need help explaining something in the New Testament? Do you want to be a missionary or devote more of your time to fulfilling this mission? Give us a call!
  11. Prayer & Fasting Ministry - This ministry is devoted to private prayer and fasting to bring about deliverance from physical ailments, hard life situations, and any other spiritual battles that require prayer and fasting. This ministry is basically an anonymous email list where the prayers submitted to us are forwarded to everyone in the ministry. Nobody in the ministry knows who else is in this ministry and each member privately fasts and prays in secret to support the needs sent out through the anonymous email. Click here if you have prayer requests for all of us to keep in prayer.
  12. Services For Believers - This ministry is devoted to providing a huge number of services for believers including the following:

    1. Feast Locations, Planning, & Organization - Need to find a close location to observe the Feasts? Want to help us plan or organize a feast gathering? Give us a call!
    2. Temporary or Permanent Housing provided by Believers for Believers - Whether you're on the road and just passing through, or need a new permanent home, there are believers willing to help other believers find shelter. Can you provide housing for other believers? If a believer is going through your area, would you like them to visit? Give us a call!
    3. Storage For Believers From Believers - It's time for believers to work together towards financial responsibility by offering to share our resources with one another. Some of us have a lot of land or storage space we own. Why not let another believer store their things with you for free than have them be charged by a foreigner to store their belongings somewhere? If you need storage or can offer storage space whether outdoors or indoors, give us a call!
    4. Homeschooling For Believers - Need help with Homeschooling your children? Want to help others? Have a young adult child who needs an apprenticeship or advanced training program to help them begin a new career or become self-employed? Give us a call!
    5. Free Music Giving Esteem To יהוה! - Need more music? Are you able to contribute your musical talents for others to be edified? Give us a call!
    6. Counseling & Qualified Elders - Counseling topics include Forgiveness, Marriage, Raising Children, Veterans Counseling, Health Counseling, Youth Counseling, and Legal Counseling. Looking for a qualified Elder to get some much needed counseling? Are you able to provide counseling? Give us a call!
    7. General Ministry Help Services - The ministries on this page are in great need of your help to function. If you can help with any of the following, please give us a call! Help services for ministries include the following:

      1. Audio & Video Broadcasting
      2. CD, DVD, & Print Services
      3. Live Online Computer & Software Training & Tech Support (Excel, XHTML, CSS, & More!)
      4. Disability Services (Lame, Deaf, Blind, Visually Impaired)
      5. Transportation (Moving, Feast Rides, Semis for Transporting Goods)
      6. Foreign Language Support (Spanish, French, German, etc.)
      7. Youth Ministry Services

Whatever your gift and calling is in the body of Mashiach, don't bury your talent in the sand! Many brothers and sisters have the gift of encouragement and don't realize how much they are needed! Don't let your gifts or callings go unused in the body of Mashiach! Nobody is a bench warmer in this team! Let's all offer our services to one another, in love and meekness, so that the body of Mashiach is built up!. I love you all! May יהוה bless you and keep you and unite us all in the common goal of serving one another, serving יהוה, and displaying the love of יהוה towards one another that the world may know יהוה and know that He sent His Son and Qodesh Servant יהושע to bring forgiveness of Sins to all who are far off and would repent and be immersed in the name of יהושע . May יהוה have mercy upon us all!

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